Versatility Changes Everything for Big and Tall Men


One of the major issues that us big and tall men find is the ability for us to have versatility in the clothes we wear. This issue stems from 3 major issues: not knowing how to dress, knowing the right occasion to change up the look and not having clothes with options to change our look. Sometimes the most subtle change in your clothes can have a major impact on your appearance.(See pictures below). This 3 part series will discuss those issues and we will unlock ways to Bring Sexy Back to Big and Tall. The First part of this series will focus on “Not Knowing How to Dress.”


 Not Knowing How To Dress

           This seems the biggest issue plaguing us as a big and tall community. We often see models that have details in their outfit from head to toe. However, they never seem to have our size in that look and when we find a piece or two, no one explains to us how we can replicate that look for ourselves. Many of these outfits are not designed for the larger man and so it may seem difficult to replicate. With so many “do and dont’s”  that are talked about in Men’s Fashion, they seem to forget about what will and will not work for  larger men. Many times breaking “fashion laws” can work for big men because our shape allows certain looks to allow us to look our best. When we dress ourselves we must take into account our body shape and structure. As a whole we choose to avoid lighter colors  because we feel it may be too revealing. What we must do is rethink colors and focus on what really looks good on us. Some shirt color combinations may not always be the best looks for us but we cannot steer  away from certain colors altogether. Let’s be daring, be confident and take steps toward changing our look and “Bringing Sexy Back” to big and tall. With the Maximus Box every look is specifically designed for the big man. Take the next step today, use Discount code: MAXFIRST15.

Next Installation: Knowing The Right Occasion to Change up The Look

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By Wes Riddick

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