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               Dressing well and looking the best is very important and can always have a tremendous impact on our attitude towards the world, your actions and yourself.  While shopping for fabrics it is always worthy to look for outfits and accessories that will have a big, positive impact on […]

Big & Tall Spring Break: The Maximus Box “Six Pack”

                It’s March and Spring Break is coming! It’s time for us big & tall fellas to get our six pack ready!  Some of us will be traveling and some will have a staycation. Either way, the Maximus Box is going to give you a six pack of restaurants that […]

Pants for the Big Guy: “To Pleat or Not to Pleat”

Pants: To Pleat or Not to Pleat, That is the Question          I can not count the numerous amount of articles I have read that discourage wearing pleated pants. Most of the time when this conversation is discussed, big & tall men are not taken into consideration. I think its time that a big & […]

Large Man Tips: How Do I Wear This Button Up?

“Yes! This button up fits!” I am sure that I am not the only large man that has had this reaction before. After you have went from store to store looking for the right button up, you finally found the perfect one. You feel like this shirt was made specifically for a large man like yourself. […]

Clothing for Big and Tall: Having the Right Wardrobe

  For our last installation on versatility, we will explore examining our current clothing options to be versatile. There are many times we are clueless to what outlets are good for finding big and tall clothing. Some of us have a hard time trusting the internet for big and tall clothing. I have always felt that updating your […]