Maximus Box: Celebrating Our Mothers, Big & Tall Style

For this post, we will take a step back from talking about fashion and talk about Mother’s Day. Mother’s Day is a great time to celebrate the very special ladies in our lives. There are many ways to celebrate. We may have our own mothers, stepmothers, guardians, sisters or spouses that deserve to receive special treatment on this day. The key is to make sure we take time to make sure all the mothers that we know feel special and appreciated this weekend. We came up with a few options to help facilitate your goals in making all mothers feel special.


       First, we need to make sure we always take the time out to get our ladies a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Some of us may think is the obvious choice, but some mothers do not receive flowers on their special day. Let’s make sure we are not the big fellas that leave our ladies without flowers.

Big & Tall style Flowers
Big & Tall Style Mother’s day Flowers


      Whether it’s for your spouse or your mother, make a conscious effort to surprise your special lady with breakfast. Some of us know how to cook and some of us do not. If not, check out this video to walk you through making a simple breakfast. Just make sure you do not burn the house down, our ladies will appreciate the effort.

Few More Ideas:

Jewelry: Make sure that we do not buy jewelry that will turn our mother’s skin green.

Purse: If we are going to get a purse, try to get some help/advice from a friend of hers to make sure we     make the right choice.

Memorabilia: Framed family photos are always a good way for a mother to reminisce on great times that she will cherish forever.

Most importantly, Let’s make sure out mothers know that we love them and that we appreciate all the things that they do for us.

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