Large Man Tips: How Do I Wear This Button Up?


“Yes! This button up fits!” I am sure that I am not the only large man that has had this reaction before. After you have went from store to store looking for the right button up, you finally found the perfect one. You feel like this shirt was made specifically for a large man like yourself. The shoulder are just right and the stomach area isn’t tight. You are large and in charge. You start to imagine all the places you can wear this button up. Then you ask yourself,”how do I wear this button up?”

Rules for Wearing Your Button Up

For the short sleeve button up, leave your shirt untucked. The long sleeve button up gives you several options.

Rule #1: Make up your mind whether you are going  tucked in or out. Nothing looks more tacky than for a man to walk around with his shirt untucked with wrinkles all around the bottom. Once you tuck it in, leave it in.

Rule #2: If your button up is super long and goes more than 5 inches past your belt line then you should tuck it in. At the same time if the button up is cut to be worn out then do not try to force it in your pants have it coming out once you start moving around.

Rule #3: Flipping the collar up is unnecessary but if you have a nice design on the interior cuff, flip it and show it off!

Large men and button ups have had an interesting relationship over the years. Some large men have  only  experienced  a button up as a short sleeve yellow collared shirt with palm trees on it. Let’s leave the palm tree button ups on the rack and opt for a much better look.  Once you find the button up that fits you, it’s important to know how to wear it. Styling yourself as a large man must be deliberate and with a purpose. Let’s get started today, with the Maximus Box.



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