Great Tips to Spice up Your Big and Tall Wardrobe

Being taller or bigger does trap a person with a conundrum when it comes to fashionable or decent clothing. Moreover, the realization that there are only a few clothing stores out that have what you are looking for while the majority of fashion brands complement average-sized people can be really frustrating. However this is something common in our world – we just cannot get over with the annoying “one size fits all mentality.”

But that is no reason to throw in the towel and give up. After all you can’t always go around dressed in bland and baggy clothing. If you haven’t already, now is the best time to give your big and tall wardrobe an overhaul. The following tips will help you spice up your regular style and help you make changes for good:

  • Get rid of the ‘too big and baggy look’ When you wear clothes that are too big for your body, it only serves to deemphasize your shape. Meanwhile, all that extra fabric will only drape and flap, which is never flattering (curtains anyone?). Instead, opt for clothing that actually fits you.
  • Switch to flat-fronted pants. Pleated trousers do two things for big men. First, they accentuate every negative feature. For tall men, pleats actually make them appear taller. So, instead go for flat-fronted pants or trousers as a critical part your wardrobe.
  • Avoid extremely fitted clothes. Unfortunately, tight clothing is just as bad if not worse compared to baggy clothing. On a tall man, snug clothing will make his height and slim frame more pronounced. On a large man same type of clothing will highlight all features that he wants to downplay. Always choose clothes that fit.
  • Avoid silk clothes. Just because something feels good on your body, doesn’t mean that it looks good. We all love to wear silk, cashmere and other soft and supple fabrics. They glide along the skin so beautifully and breathe well, it’s no wonder they cost so much. However, silk glides along the skin, also revealing your measurements. Therefore, if you have a few extra pounds here or there and a roll or two, then clingy and body conscious fabrics, will only draw attention to this fact.

Choose Big and Tall Shirts that Breathe!

If you’re looking for some cool big and tall shirts to enjoy a tropical vacation, cotton is the material you need. Being the king of natural fibers, cotton allows air to travel through the fabric helping your skin to breathe. As you probably know, cotton absorbs moisture well and keeps your skin dry. This ability to soak sweat and moisture is really helpful during the hot summer season.

Some people prefer to wear shirts and tees made of relatively thin cotton when it is really hot and humid. The thicker varieties, like denim cotton look amazing, but might not be appropriate if you are sweating heavily.

Another useful property of cotton that makes it a customer favorite is that it can be machine washed and dried easily. You can avoid feeling annoyed because cotton shirts can also be easily ironed and they are durable as well. Remember, there’s nothing better than wearing a light, breathable shirt that can be washed quickly and is durable as well.

Generally, light colored t-shirts, even casual shirts are excellent for hotter days, because they can reflect light and blazing heat. Colors like white, and pastels are common choices among Big and tall fashion lovers and they can be paired with dark colored ‘relaxed fit’ bottoms to create exciting color combinations. Summer clothing does not necessarily have to be white or pastel. You can also find bright options when it comes to carrying cool and casual summer looks.

As a general rule, remember that the shirts you choose should be ‘fit’ and comfortable. When you wear excessively tight clothing, your body sweat cannot escape easily which can lead to chafing and painful sores at the end of an intense activity in hot, humid weather. People prefer wearing clothing made of natural fabrics to keep the body dry and more importantly, prevent irritation and skin infections. Strictly speaking, you should stay away from purely synthetic fabrics because they can never compete with natural fibers when it comes to giving you all-day comfort.

Want to Make Your Big and Tall Wardrobe Last Longer?

Regardless of the style you choose, colors and unique patterns offered by big and tall fashion selection at will help you sport a signature look. Simply put, checkered, plaid and solid colors never go out of style, and people around you would be attracted by the bright and vibrant hues. After knowing how attractive our big and tall fashions picks are, you never want to lose everything because of careless washing.

Big and Tall fashion from the Maximus Box is unique in its own way. The fact is that no two shirts or bottoms are alike. The fabric is highest quality which means you don’t have to worry about your t-shirt losing shape or fit after a few washes. Another important thing you need to remember is that the shirts are colorfast. Even if you wash your shirt, there won’t be any excess dye to ‘color’ other clothing.

As a general rule, it is better not to toss your favorite pastel colored shirts and trousers with other brightly colored clothing in the washer. Remember, a few simple precautions will help the colors last longer. If you prefer hand washing, simply rinse your product in cool water. Use a mild detergent if desired. Once you’re done, allow the shirt to air dry completely. Make sure you don’t expose bright colors to direct sunlight to keep them looking good as new for a long time.

Machine washing instructions should be visible on the label of your product. Even though most colored shirts and trousers tolerate detergents, you should always wash fabrics in cold water and with mild detergent unless stated otherwise. Remember, washing your favorite big and tall clothing through a cool rinse cycle will help keep the colors from washing out, and you can make your buy last longer.

2 thoughts on “Great Tips to Spice up Your Big and Tall Wardrobe

  1. Jessie C. says:

    This is an amazing idea. For too long have the larger men in society (I’m 6’3″, 275 with a decent about of muscle mass) had to watch shorter, slimmer, skinnier, or less muscular men be able to wear whatever they want. They just walk around basically taunting us as we look down at our bodies with no hope.

    Tall men, broad men, my brothers. I see in your eyes the same shame that takes my dreams away. A day may come when the courage of big men fails, when we forsake our wardrobes and break all the bonds of our jeans. But it is not this day. An army of hipsters and skinny jeans is upon us. When the age of the real man comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we Fight! By all that you hold dear on this good Earth, I bid you stand, Men of the Big and Tall section!!!

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