Clothing Tips for the Big Man Part 1: The Urban dressed man


                         Dressing well and looking the best is very important and can always have a tremendous impact on our attitude towards the world, your actions and yourself.  While shopping for fabrics it is always worthy to look for outfits and accessories that will have a big, positive impact on your appearance. 

In this series we will look at some fashion tips for big and tall men that will come in handy for any man who falls in this category.  Looking for the right clothes for big and tall men can sound tricky but the key thing is knowing where to look and also how to look at clothes  this will ensure that you have a big impact on your style experience.  We will break this blog series into three major styles:

An urban dressed big man

Casual dressed big man

Modern dressed big man

The Urban Dressed big man

The general rule for dressing a big tall urban man is wearing light weight fabrics. In this case always look out for clothes which are made from light fabrics including tropical wool or cotton. Buying these fabrics will ensure that you are comfortable while going on your day to day activities since these clothes won’t add any bulk to your overall image. Also they won’t make you sweat much, compared to nylon and polyester fabrics.

Pick structured items

Big and tall men tend to look their best when they wear well structured outfits compared to something more plain. In case of a blazer or a jacket getting one that has more detailing will  help in enhancing your overall appearance.


The best thing you can do to flatter your body is wearing your pants high, around the natural waist above your hips. Make sure that the pants fit at your natural waistline which will guarantee you a smoother look. Another worthy tip is being selective when choosing your pants.Whether you are choosing straight, tapered or relaxed; be sure that the look works for your personal style.


The basic rule of accessories is that they should be appropriate to the wearer’s body, in this case big and tall men should opt for bigger accessories. Therefore when you decide to rock a watch, necklace or even a tie clip if for the modern office man go for the large designs. Going for smaller designs make you look strangled and uncomfortable.


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