Big and Tall Casual male for the Maximus Box

             Dressing well and looking the best is very important and can always have a tremendous impact on our attitude towards the world, your actions and yourself.  While shopping for fabrics it is always worthy to look for outfits and accessories that will have a big, positive impact on your appearance. For the second installment of our series, we will discuss the casual dressed man. The casual style of dress has many options available. In this segment, we will go over a few options that you may have not considered.


        In case you are rocking a sweater or a t-shirt, v-necks are the best way to go. This is because they tend to offer a leaner balanced look which also elongates the face. Thus they will make you appear leaner, more balanced and finally enhance your overall appearance. When we refer to v-necks we definitely are not referring to the deep v-necks that go into the chest area. There are many v-neck options available that have the same coverage as your normal t-shirt collar. 

Dark colors
        Wearing dark colors may generally apply for all big men whether casual, modern or urban. In this case dark color can range from brown or black. This does not mean that you shouldn’t wear other colors but it means that you should always opt for the darker shade. The reason why these colors are suitable is because they can be blended with lighter colors and have a great impact on your overall appearance. 

Wear patterns
         Fabrics with patterns tend to enhance any look especially that for big men. Big men tend to look best in patterns. These may include dots, check, repeated crests or even paisley. These patterns tend to complement the body size compared to other patterns like horizontal lines and window pane plaids.

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