Big and Tall: Knowing When To Change the Look


                In our second issue of versatility, we are going to discuss when big and tall men should feel comfortable changing their look. Many times as big and tall men, once we find one look that makes us feel comfortable, we stick with that look and don’t  think about deviating from it. As big and tall men we have to be willing to explore the possibilities of making changes and be willing to become as versatile in our clothing as everyone else in the fashion industry. Sometimes we  don’t know what occasion is right for a big and tall man to wear a button up, how to wear a button up or when it’s ok to ditch the button and wear a t-shirt.Today we will look at an arranged outfit that can be used as casual, classic,  modern and urban all in one.

Cuffs Down
Wearing your button up with your cuffs down is the most popular and overused look by big and tall men.  The best occasions are when you are going on a casual date and also work. Depending on the type of job you have, this look may be good for everyday use or may only be good for casual Fridays.  It is also known as the classic look. Not every event calls for a classic look. Redundancy can be boring so let’s step of our comfort zones and be different.

Cuffs Flipped / Sleeves Rolled Up
Cuffs flipped or sleeves rolled up can go hand in hand with each other on most occasions. When you flip your cuffs, it should to show a different design under the cuff than the rest of your shirt. These type of button ups are not as common among big and tall men and should be used more. When you go the bar or club with a group on a cool night, this is definitely the time to show off your attention to detail.  This look will show you have more style than the guy that walked in the room before you and turn heads. The most common use of rolling up your sleeves has to do with the weather. When it gets hot we tend to roll up our sleeves, but we can also use this look to send a signal of feeling laid back and not as serious. Whenever you will be in a place where your hands will be used is also a great time to roll up your sleeves.

Classic / Graphic Tees
Graphic tees are a topic that most big and tall men seem to shy away from. I think that as long as your graphic tee isn’t over the top  and has a tasteful design to it, why not wear it? All big and tall men wear a classic black or navy blue t-shirt, let’s be distinguished and make our presence known. This does not mean that I am against classic tees but when we go to hangout at loosely organized events, we should still opt to be stylish and look our best in that setting. When you go  to your buddies house to have a cookout  or watch a sporting event, put some thought into your outfit. Be the guy that all your friends notice dress stylish no matter what the occasion is.

Let’s be daring, be confident and take steps toward changing our look, knowing when to change our look and “Bringing Sexy Back” to big and tall. With the Maximus Box every look is specifically designed for the big man. Take the next step today, use Discount code: MAXFIRST15.


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