Clothing for Big and Tall: Having the Right Wardrobe


For our last installation on versatility, we will explore examining our current clothing options to be versatile. There are many times we are clueless to what outlets are good for finding big and tall clothing. Some of us have a hard time trusting the internet for big and tall clothing.

20160907_174424I have always felt that updating your wardrobe on a consistent basis helps you keep your confidence at a high level. For me, it equates to the first day of school when you have new clothes that no one has seen you in. Nothing is like the feeling of putting together a new outfit that has not been worn. It gives you some extra pep in your step. Sometimes, it is good to go through your closet of old clothes and make a few items brand new again. How do you that? Take those few items and wear them differently. Mix the old with the new! Go into your closet and grab that old black t-shirt that was the only shirt you could find to fit you in the big and tall section. You can take that shirt, throw on your brand new button up from the Maximus Box, and wear them as a button up/t-shirt combo. This look can be used for going out with friends, casual days with your spouse and cold days when an extra layer will help you warm.


When its a little warmer outside, grab your basic t-shirt and jeans combination. You can take this basic look, add  suspenders, a bracelet, hat and belt and completely change your appearance. Big and tall clothing can be as versatile as your imagination allows it to be. We should use our new clothes to dictate our appearance and not let the clothing tell us how to look.

To take your big and tall clothing to the next level, click here to GET STARTED. The Maximus Box is “Bringing Sexy Back” to Big and Tall. Use discount code MAXFIRST15 for $15 off your first box.

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